Flux Trigger Introduction

If you're reading this, you probably either purchased a flux trigger, or are thinking at thinking about purchasing a flux trigger. Congrats, you're on your way to having a rifle that will not let you down.

Table of Contents

Getting Started: Important Notes

Installing your Flux Trigger

A1 Style Install Notes

A2 Style Install Notes

A3 Style Install Notes

Adjusting your trigger pull

Changing your trigger blade

Flux Trigger Compatibility Table


Getting Started: Important Notes

  • Batch 1 blades are not compatible with SSG10 A1 style stock. A Custom trigger guard to enable compatibility is coming soon. For now, A1 style stocks may require removal of the trigger guard to function properly.
  • Trigger needs to be pulled completely for sear to reset reliably
  • This trigger does NOT have safety switch built-in
  • Cylinder slot might need to be sanded smooth one last time prior to installation! See instructions here 



Installing your Flux Trigger

If you do not know how to install a VSR trigger, click here to access our official trigger installation tutorial. Otherwise just read the notes below:

Make sure to sand your cylinder slot if you want a smooth bolt pull.

We recommend taking the cylinder head off when installing the flux trigger. Jamming the trigger straight in without removing the cylinder head first can result in damage to the teflon sear shims and stopper bearing.

A1 Style Install Notes

The first batch of trigger blades was made a bit too long, so they do not fit the standard A1 trigger guard. Purchase an enlarged trigger guard here, or print your own using our supplied FREE DOWNLOAD. If you do not have an enlarged guard or printed guard, you can either run without a trigger guard, or cut down/shave down the trigger blade. Enlarged guards are coming within the next 2 weeks.

A2 Style Install Notes

When installing the Flux Trigger on an A2 style rifle, you must use the supplied shims to prevent the trigger blade from hitting the trigger guard. Simply install by placing one of the shims on the trigger guard screw, and put your trigger guard back on like normal. We use the thicker shim, but you can use either one, or a combination of the two depending on your preference. 

A3 Style Install Notes

None! Just install normally. 



Adjusting your trigger pull

Locate the grub screw on the under side of the trigger. Turn the screw clockwise to loosen the trigger weight, and counter clockwise to increase it. You do not need to  remove the trigger blade.


Changing your trigger blade

Locate and remove the two screws on the bottom of the trigger holding in the current blade


Replace the old blade with a new blade and you're good to go :)


Compatibility Table

This section will be updated over time as people use the Flux Trigger and confirm fitment with different parts.

SSG10 A1 - Requires enlarged trigger guard

SSG10 A2 - Requires supplied trigger guard spacers.

SSG10 A3 - Fully compatible

Mapleleaf MLC 338 - Requires supplied trigger guard spacers

Mapleleaf LTR - Fully compatible 


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