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Namech Flux Trigger for VSR10/SSG10

Namech Flux Trigger for VSR10/SSG10

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A revolutionary airsoft sniper trigger for VSR10 / SSG10 that uses magnets instead of springs and a bearing to eliminate cylinder scratching


  • Batch 1 blades are not compatible with SSG10 A1 style stock. A Custom trigger guard to enable compatibility is coming early march. See guard here. Or print your own from our 3d files: FREE DOWNLOAD
  • A2 style stocks require the trigger guard to be shimmed. Use the supplied 3d printed washers to move the guard out. See Flux Trigger Introduction for more information.
  • Trigger needs to be pulled completely for sear to reset reliably
  • This trigger does NOT have safety switch built-in
  • Cylinder slot might need to be sanded smooth one last time prior to installation! See instructions here 



  • 90° Roller bearing stopper - An integrated bearing on the stopper eliminates cylinder-stopper wear, enabling a super smooth and long lasting bolt pull. This the only trigger will never get scratchy. It also includes bearings on the trigger sear to ensure the internal action remains smooth forever.
  • Entirely magnetic action - The sear and trigger reset are both powered by magnets, so there are no springs inside that can fail.
  • Adjustable trigger weight - The underside of the trigger features a grub screw that enables the user to adjust the trigger pull. It can be adjusted all the way down from a feather light pull to a more realistic ultra heavy pull.
  • Hardened steel sear - Simulated to handle any spring on the market. Real world tested up to 5J / M220.
  • Interchangeable trigger blades - The only only 90° VSR10 / SSG10 trigger on the market with exchangeable trigger blades - choose your color and style to match your preference.
  • Specialized mounting holes- dual diameter mounting holes enables compatibility with both the VSR10 and SSG10 screw holes.

Package includes:

  • 1x Flux Trigger
  • 2x Spacers for A2 style stock trigger guards
  • 2x M3 mounting screws for VSR10
  • 2x M4 mounting screws for SSG10

For EU distribution, find the flux trigger here:



Installation Guide


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

This, in my opinion, is THE BEST trigger upgrade for the vsr-10. I would highly recommend this.

Ovidiu Pasculescu

A very good trigger.

Solves the Biggest problem with my SSG10

After I spend I ridiculous amount of money to tune the ssg10 I could not get rid of the biggest problem with it. The bolt pull. Even tho it shoot very great but the bolt pull is not satisfying .I try multiple things but never achieved a consistent smooth bolt pull. After I saw some information on instagram about this Project i knew from the first second I have to get one of these.
After installing it I can really say that it is a completely different experience pulling the bolt back. It’s so smooth!

I definitely can recommend this trigger with everyone that has similar issues. Or just want a very strong and reliable trigger!


jesse hickle

It’s going to be thee best trigger you can ever get. It’s definitely not everyday you get more than what you paid for. Adjustable trigger pull, deep solid construction, and exquisite smoothness (🤤🤤🤤🤤) what else do you need. Just get it and be one and done, flux trigger will have you flexin 💪🏻

D Bottomley
Extremely well made unit with a handy party trick...

I purchased the Flux trigger off the back of the review by SniperMech for a build for an Action Army T-11 Chassis.
Ordering the trigger was a smooth process and the package, upon arrival, was well wrapped and presented in a neat allu tin.
Fitting the trigger was a breeze, the included bolts being hex head is a welcome 'feature' in my mind as this is something I normally do for easy of takedown during maintenance.
After applying a small spray of PTFE, I paired the trigger with a SniperMech Wasp piston and an Action Army Twisted cylinder - all were compatible without modification.
The trigger itself has zero take up upon cocking, with a defined break when pulled. To my finger, it is slightly heavier than a SpringerCustom but the sensation is also a lot smoother - whilst both units are excellent, they are so for different reasons.

The main feature of this trigger and the reason for many to purchase I imagine is the spring guide bearing.
On this topic, I am happy to report it works and is a night/day improvement on previous units I have used. The reload action is smooth and quiet, without the slightest hint of grinding or gritty feel that some VSR rifles develop.
At time of writing, I have tested to about 700rnds, so durability is not a factor yet, but overall I a very happy with me purchase and would happily do so again!

(For T-11 users, the trigger is a little long, but placing some shims around the faux mag catch screws fix this without need to modify your rifle)

Thanks for the review! Good info on the T-11. I never gave that a proper test, sop information like that is extremely helpful.

Just letting you know, you can adjust the trigger weight using the grub screw on the buttom of the trigger. Just be careful and don't make it too light :)